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North Carolina's Premier , Individualized, College Preparatory Academy

Cornerstone Christian Academy

We cater all of the instructional strategies we use at our academy in Statesville, NC to each student’s unique abilities, talents, and strengths.

Your child spends a large portion of his or her day at school learning, interacting with others, and developing their personal character. At Cornerstone Christian Academy, we promise to make sure your child’s time spent at school is fulfilling and that they are able to develop meaningful relationships with staff, teachers, and other students.

As a Christian private school that serves Statesville, North Carolina, we believe that bringing up a child in a Christ-centered manner is the primary responsibility of the parent. Our institution exists not to replace the family’s role, but to assist with this mission. We are committed to your child’s upbringing and will do everything we can to help your child’s character reflect the image of Christ, so they can positively impact their family, community, and the rest of the world now and in the future.

In terms of our educational philosophy, our private school is structured to focus on every one of our students’ individual talents, strengths, and abilities. We also use a combination of proven academic standards, modern technology, and blended learning to help each student understand how to overcome life’s creative, philosophical, and intellectual challenges with faith and courage.

Whether your child is just about ready to begin kindergarten or they are in high school, there is a place for them here at Cornerstone Christian Academy. To learn more about our private school, our mission, and what we will do for your child, both academically and spiritually, please contact us today.

Elementary School

At our Christian elementary school in Statesville, NC, we value every child’s academic, spiritual, and social development.

As a parent, there are many reasons why you might want to consider sending your child to a Christian school. For example, at a Christian school, your child will receive an education in an environment that teaches Christ-centered principles. Additionally, your child will be able to form relationships with other students and their teachers who hold the same values as them.

If you want to ensure your child builds a solid academic foundation in a Christ-centered environment, but have yet to find the right elementary school, turn to us at Cornerstone Christian Academy. Our academy houses a Christian elementary school in Statesville, North Carolina, and we are confident that by attending, your child will grow and thrive academically and spiritually.

At our Christian elementary school, our learning environment is unique, not just because we value Christian principles, but also because we cater every student’s learning experience to their individual talents and abilities. We never want any child to feel lost or behind in their studies and will ensure that your child receives the customized learning experience they need and deserve.

In addition to academic and spiritual development, we also recognize the value of social learning. For this reason, the academic programs at our Christian elementary school are complemented by activities like dance, Tae Kwon Do, art, basketball, and many others.

If you would like to receive a tour of our elementary school, please contact us at Cornerstone Christian Academy today. We are eager to introduce you to all our Christian elementary school has to offer your child.


Middle School

At our middle school in Statesville, NC, we are committed to your child’s academic and spiritual success.

As your child enters middle school, you likely worry about them making good friends, staying true to their beliefs, and establishing a strong academic foundation. At Cornerstone Christian Academy, we pride ourselves on being able to help our student body do all of these things, and we encourage you to explore what our middle school in Statesville, North Carolina has to offer your child.

We realize that a child’s middle school years are when they experience many different transitions. Not only do they move from the mostly single-classroom environment used in our elementary school to multiple classrooms, but they also experience many social, spiritual, and intellectual changes. To ensure that your child is able to successfully cope with these changes, we focus our environment on Christ-centered principles. Additionally, every one of our faculty members and teachers genuinely cares about your child’s individual educational needs and their success, both academically and spiritually.

Starting in middle school, we will begin to introduce mastery-based programs that are designed to prepare your child for higher education after high school. We will continue to provide your child with a unique learning environment that is catered not just to their age, but to their individual strengths and abilities.

At Cornerstone Christian Academy, we urge you to consider enrolling your child at our Christian academy during their middle school years and beyond. If you would like to know more about our programs, standards, or guiding principles, please do not hesitate to contact us today.

High School

At our high school in Statesville, NC, we believe in providing every one of our students with an education that will help them thrive academically and spiritually

As your child enters high school, you want them to receive an education that is academically challenging and spiritually uplifting. If you have yet to find both of these qualities in your child’s school, turn to us at Cornerstone Christian Academy. At our high school in Statesville, North Carolina, we believe in providing every one of our students with an education that will help them thrive academically and spiritually.

We realize that in terms of education, your child’s high school years are critical if they want to pursue higher education. While in attendance at our school, your child will receive an education that not only prepares them academically for what is to come as they reach adulthood, but also one that helps them understand how to face life’s spiritual and intellectual challenges. We accomplish this by catering our curriculum according to every student’s individual strengths, talents, and abilities.

We also realize that attending high school is about much more than sitting in a classroom and learning history, math, and other core academic subjects. Due to this, we have many different extracurricular activities to offer at our school, including sign language, archery, piano, dance, and foreign languages, so your child receives a well-rounded education.

Whether your child is about to begin high school or you are interested in making a change from their current school, we are confident that your child will thrive as they attend our Christian high school. Please reach out to us at Cornerstone Christian Academy today to find out more about what sets us apart from other Christian high schools and what we will do for your child.