Piano and Voice Lessons

CCA offers private piano and voice lessons for every level from beginner to advance. Lessons are offered weekly, during the school day. Contact the office for more information or to sign your child up for lessons.

guitar instument

Guitar Lessons

You can sign up for group guitar lessons as either a beginner or intermediate learner. Classes are held after school and you must sign up at the office to participate in group lessons.

School choir, piano with notes on foreground and students defocused at the background

Music Class

Music class is part of the weekly schedule for students in grades K-6th.  Students learn basic music skills and develop a love for singing.  Our music class has musical recitals throughout the year.

Antique brass hand bell

Hand Bells

Handbells are offered for middle and high school students. The handbell team competes twice a year at a regional fine arts competition. Please see the office for more information.

Photo album with camera


Photography is offered for students in grades 3-12. As you walk around the building, you can see many of the award-winning photographs the students have taken. Students will explore the different types of photography from still life, to scenic.

creative artist working on colours art drawing picture with brush paint, watercolor paintbrush


Art is offered as part of the weekly curriculum in grades k-6th. Art is an elective offered for students in grades 7th -12th. Many of the amazing pieces created by the students are on display around campus. Students study pastels, oil, sketching, acrylics, pen and ink.

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