Preschool, Statesville, NC

 We will ensure that your child is set up for spiritual and academic success as they learn and grow at our preschool in Statesville, NC.

Preschool in Statesville NCAttending preschool can help your child develop their social skills, gain exposure to basic academics, explore their creativity, have fun, and more. Although attending preschool is associated with a myriad of benefits, you want to make sure your child is able to learn, socialize, and create in the right environment. As you examine all the options out there for your child, we strongly urge you to consider enrolling your child in our preschool in Statesville, North Carolina.

At Cornerstone Christian Academy, we realize that when your child enters preschool, they will begin to look to different role models. If you want your child to learn the power of a positive role model at an early age, we are confident that they will benefit from learning from our compassionate instructors. Each one of our instructors holds your same values and cares about the Christ-centered principles you teach every day in your own home.

Despite the caring and student-oriented environment we’ve created at our preschool, we still enforce proper standards for attitude and behavior. We want your child to have a positive experience as they begin their academic journey and will ensure that they are set up for spiritual and academic success as they learn and grow at our preschool.

Please contact us at Cornerstone Christian Academy today to receive more information about our preschool, enrollment dates, and our curriculum. We would love to have your child attend our preschool and look forward to the opportunity to foster their academic and spiritual development.

CCA holds international accreditation with the Association of Teachers and Schools, and the National Council for Private School Accreditation.