Christian Middle School, Statesville, NC

Our Christian middle school is known throughout the Statesville, NC area for its academic excellence.

students of a Christian Middle School in Statesville NCFor many children, middle school is a time where they experience many changes in their social, spiritual, and academic lives. Due to this, it is important that middle school-aged children are taught in an academic environment that nurtures their belief system and cares about their personal development, both academically and spiritually.

At Cornerstone Christian Academy, our Christian middle school is known throughout the Statesville, North Carolina area for its academic excellence. If you are currently looking for a middle school to send your child to, this is not the only reason why you should enroll them in our program. Our school also focuses on the same Christian values you teach in your own home, and we are committed to providing your child with a positive learning experience.

We want every child who attends our Christian middle school to feel like they belong and to feel comfortable and secure as they attend classes or extracurricular activities. To make sure this happens, our academic programs are not developed based on age. Rather, they are individualized according to each student’s unique talents, abilities, and capabilities. We believe this this educational philosophy is one of the main things that sets our Christian middle school apart from other learning institutions.

As you make educational decisions about your child, whether they are just going into middle school or are in the midst of their middle school education, we encourage you to explore what we have to offer. For more information or to schedule a tour of our middle school, reach out to us at Cornerstone Christian Academy today.