Christian High Schools, Statesville, NC

When it comes to Christian high schools in Statesville, NC, we will academically and spiritually prepare your child for the future.

Christian High School in Statesville NCFor many children, high school can be a challenging, but highly rewarding time in their life. If you have looked at Christian high schools to send your child to in Statesville, North Carolina, but haven’t found quite the right fit yet, we are confident that we can help your child grow and thrive spiritually and intellectually at Cornerstone Christian Academy.

Like other Christian high schools, we are rooted in Christian beliefs. While your child attends our school, they will receive instruction that is both educationally and spiritually beneficial, so they are adequately prepared for the challenges they will face in life as they get older.

We realize a child’s high school years should be strongly focused on preparing them for higher education. To accomplish this, we cater to each student’s unique abilities and strengths while combining modern technology with a blended style of learning.

We also realize that much of what a child does in high school is about more than learning math, science, history and other core academic subjects. For this reason, we offer many extracurricular activities to our high school-aged students, such as foreign language, art, basketball, dance, music, and many others.

Make sure your child is getting what they need from their school by enrolling them at Cornerstone Christian Academy. For more information about what sets us apart from other Christian high schools and what we will do to ensure your child’s success, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.