Elementary Schools, Statesville, NC

As you look for elementary schools for your child in Statesville, NC, we strongly encourage you to consider our Christian academy.

From the minute your child is born, you want to help them achieve success in all areas of their life. If you are currently looking for elementary schools to enroll your child in, but want to make sure that your child’s talents, spirituality, and abilities are nurtured in a Christ-centered atmosphere, we strongly encourage you to consider our Christian academy.

At Cornerstone Christian Academy, we are unlike other elementary schools in the Statesville, North Carolina area because our school is rooted in the Christian view of life. While your child attends our school, they will receive rigorous academic instruction in an atmosphere that focuses on building their faith.

We also want to make sure that learning is a rewarding, enjoyable experience. For this reason, our academic programs are complemented by extracurricular activities, such as Tae Kwon Do, art, sign language, archery, piano, dance, and many others.

Our learning environment is unique because, instead of basing academic opportunities on a child’s age, we cater their learning experience to their unique abilities and talents. We will do the same for your student, so they are able to work towards reaching their full potential every time they come to school.

To schedule a tour of our school and to find out more about why, when compared to other elementary schools, our academy stands out, please contact us today. At Cornerstone Christian Academy, we are committed to your child’s success and will do everything we can to help them thrive socially, academically, and spiritually.

CCA holds international accreditation with the Association of Teachers and Schools, and the National Council for Private School Accreditation.

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